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Zyxel AMG1302-T11C-EU03V1F entrée et régulateur 10, 100 Mbit s
  • Zyxel AMG1302-T11C-EU03V1F entrée et régulateur 10, 100 Mbit s
  • Zyxel AMG1302-T11C-EU03V1F entrée et régulateur 10, 100 Mbit s
  • Zyxel AMG1302-T11C-EU03V1F entrée et régulateur 10, 100 Mbit s
  • Zyxel AMG1302-T11C-EU03V1F entrée et régulateur 10, 100 Mbit s

Zyxel AMG1302-T11C-EU03V1F gateway/controller 10, 100 Mbit/s

Zyxel AMG1302-T11C-EU03V1F, 64-bit WEP,128-bit WEP,IPSEC,SNMP,WPA,WPA2,WPS,WPS-PIN, 10,100 Mbit/s, IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11n,IEEE 802.1Q,IEEE 802.1p, 2.4 GHz, ADSL (RJ-11), 186 g

It is designed with multiple WAN function, suitable for future FTTH deployment with optimized CAPEX. Additionally, it integrates IEEE 802.11 b/g/n access point and 10/100 Ethernet switch for Local Area Network (LAN) access.

2.4 GHz 11n (2x2) for superior performance and coverage

ZyXEL AMG1302-T11C Wireless N ADSL2+ Gateway features 802.11n technology to provide the ultimate solution for both speed and coverage. With 802.11n wireless data rates of up to 300 Mbps, the AMG1302-T11C provides stable, reliable wireless connections for high-speed data and multimedia applications.

Wi-Fi Protection Setup (WPS)

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a standard for easy, secure establishment of wireless networks. It makes configuration of secure personal wireless networks as simple as pushing a button or entering a Personal Identification Number (PIN) code.

Robust SPI Firewall security

The SPI Firewall works on the network layer by examining header and footer of a packet and ensures the packet belongs to a valid session. Based on Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed DoS (DDoS) features, ZyXEL AMG1302-T11C provides the first-line defense against hackers, network intruders and other harmful threats.

Quality of Service (QoS) support

ZyXEL AMG1302-T11C comes equipped with essential ATM QoS features as well. Service providers can freely design their QoS policies and prioritize mission-critical services such as IPTV and VoIP based on their service plans.

TR-069 remote management

With the TR-069 standard management specifications, ZyXEL AMG1302-T11C allows service providers to manage and configure client devices remotely without interfering end users. This unique feature not only offers true "plug-and-play" experience but also reduces deployment complexity, and it saves operating and maintenance costs for service providers.

Multiple WAN for simplified ISP logistics and optimized CAPEX

When customers migrate from ADSL2+ to PON or LTE, service providers are not required to invest on new CPE and replace them at customer sites; all they have to do is keeping the ZyXEL AMG1302-T11C by unplugging the DSL line and plug an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet WAN port. The existing customer AMG1302-T11C can be retained for terminating IP connection, but now it's via the Ethernet WAN interface.

Zyxel AMG1302-T11C-EU03V1F. Security algorithms: 64-bit WEP,128-bit WEP,IPSEC,SNMP,WPA,WPA2,WPS,WPS-PIN. Ethernet LAN data rates: 10,100 Mbit/s, Networking standards: IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11n,IEEE 802.1Q,IEEE 802.1p, Frequency band: 2.4 GHz. WAN connection: ADSL (RJ-11). Weight: 186 g, Dimensions (WxDxH): 158 x 114.5 x 22 mm, Package weight: 324 g. Power consumption (typical): 4.9 W

Data sheet

Bande de fréquence
2.4 GHz
Algorithme de sécurité soutenu
Température d'opération
0 - 40 °C
Température hors fonctionnement
-30 - 70 °C
Poids du paquet
324 g
DSL, LAN, Énergie, WLAN, WPS
186 g
Nombre de port ethernet LAN (RJ-45)
Consommation électrique typique
4,9 W
EN 60950-1
Dimensions (LxPxH)
158 x 114,5 x 22 mm
Humidité relative de fonctionnement (H-H)
10 - 90%
Dimensions du colis (LxPxH)
298 x 150 x 40 mm
Câbles inclus
Téléphone (RJ-11)
Taux d'humidité relative (stockage)
10 - 90%
Adaptateur secteur fourni
Gestion basée sur le web
Guide d'installation rapide
LAN Ethernet : taux de transfert des données
10,100 Mbit/s
Standards réseau
IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11n,IEEE 802.1Q,IEEE 802.1p
Qualité de service (QoS)
Port WAN
ADSL (RJ-11)
Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
Bouton de réinitialisation
Prévention contre les attaques Dos (Deni de service))
Client DHCP
Serveur DHCP
Reconnaissance automatique des composants de l'ordinateur
Pare-feu de sécurité
Statistiques de trafic

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